Xinjiang agriculture and husbandry science and technology development Co., Ltd

Xinjiang agriculture and husbandry science and technology development Co., Ltd

Xinjiang Hualing Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Development Company limited is a large-scale modern enterprise integrating forage planting, breeding, technical services, cattle and sheep breeding, slaughtering and processing, meat sales, supply chain finance, import and export trade, etc. The registered capital is 120 million yuan. The company is supported by the development of key projects in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the livestock industry. With the mission of “Make herdsmen and farmers rich and ensure food safety and people’s health”, the company takes the supply chain financial platform service as the starting point, integrates the construction of cattle and sheep breeding bases, and guides the modern slaughtering and segmentation, expands the deep processing of by-products and the construction of ancillary service systems. The company will strive to create a large-scale meat enterprise with the goal of building the Xinjiang's meat food processing industry chain and an intelligent livestock management and operation platform.

The company owns four mechanized slaughtering and processing lines with an annual production capacity of 2 million sheep and two mechanized slaughtering and processing lines with 200,000 cattle. There are two cold storages, one is 10,000 tons and one is 5,000 tons, including 13,500 tons of -18℃cold storage, and 1,500 tons of chilled storage. The quick-freezing capacity is 150 tons/period, and the current annual turnover is about 60,000 tons. There are 10 refrigerated transport vehicles and more than 30 distribution sites.

The company is located in South Midong Road, Midong District, Urumqi City. It is one of the main intersections of highway traffic in the north and south. It is 10 kilometers away from the center of Urumqi. There is a Tu (Turpan) -- Wu (Urumqi) -- Da (Dahuangshan mountain) high-grade highway (North Hetan North Road) in the north and south. It is adjacent to Wu(Urumqi)-Qi(qitai) Highway in the east, connected to Wu(Urumqi)-kui(Kuitun)highway via Shangshahe Road (North Link), and is close to Urumqi Wenguang Railway Station and International Airport in the west. The traffic is very convenient.

In the management, the company has introduced the internationally accepted food safety management system, and now has obtained ISO9001-2008quality management system certification,        HALA certification, food circulation license, food production license, export commodity registration enterprise qualification.The company is the subsidiary of Hualing Livestock Husbandry Industry Development Co., Ltd(53.33% of shares). Hualing Animal Husbandry Industry Development Co., Ltd is a key leading enterprise of provincial agricultural industrialization and a designated production enterprise of national special needs products.In 2012-2017, the company successfully completed the storage and delivery of HALA meat products at the level of the Urumqi municipal and autonomous regional governments for six consecutive years, and made contributions to stabilization of meat prices and the meat supply in Urumqi.

In summary, the company has advanced production and storage facilities, scientific management system, convenient traffic conditions and fast delivery services. In order to further exert the role of central reserve meat in market regulation of major natural disasters, public health events, animal epidemics or other unexpected events that cause market volatility, guide the stable development of the beef and mutton industry, ensure the supply of beef and mutton in Xinjiang, play a key leading enterprise, and take the initiative and take social responsibility,we applied to the Bureau of Commerce to list our company as an alternative list of the supplier of central frozen beef and mutton reserves, to undertake the national task of storing frozen beef and mutton, and to contribute to the stabilization of prices, the protection of people's livelihood and the promotion of stability.