Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City

"Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City"

Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City is located in NO.2, East Kunlun Road of the center of the Urumqi city. With large parking lot and convenient transportation,it covers an area of about 100 thousand square meters. East of it is North Nanhu Road, and the administrative office area of municipal government lies in its South. It is adjacent to BRT3, BRT7 and South Lake Road Station of Metro Line 1, there are many bus lines in all directions and more than 1,000 outdoor parking spaces to meet the parking needs of all operators and consumers. The Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City is located in the business circle of hualing market, and near the municipal government office area, surrounded by high-grade commercial and residential area, therefore, large flow of people means unlimited business opportunities.

Since the beginning of operation in 2010, with more than 5000 vendors, it has become a raw materials, jade article of Hetian Jade and jewelry distribution center of Xinjiang and even the Northwest region, which means the largest size, most vendors and complete categories. In June 2013, with an area of over 5,000 square meters area, the "Hetian jade trading center" is put into operation, it is located on the fifth floor of "Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City". In 2014, the "Xinjiang Hetian jade Chamber of Commerce "has been set up. It is based on the vendors of "Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City" as the main body and has absorbed other well-known dealers in Xinjiang, which has added a beautiful landscape for the "Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City".

Hualing jade city consists of the main building and cottage area.The main building is distributed as follows:

The first floor: the largest market of complete categories of automotive decoration materials in Xinjiang;

Basement 1: wholesale and retail of jade raw materials, silicified wood, crystal and others;

Second floor: high-end boutique jade, jade Taobao / e-commerce;

Third floor: jade , jewelry, jade, tourmaline and other jade categories;

Forth floor: stone, agate, Colored Gemstone, boutique jade (shop mode) and raw materials sales;

Fifth floor: seed material market, Xinjiang Hualing Hotan Jade trading center, cultural industry park, Jade Culture Gallery, Xinjiang Hotan Jade Chamber of Commerce, Hotan Jade Shopping Hall, the exhibition and sales hall for foreclosed Hotan Jade (these Hotan Jade, which are placed in this exhibition and sales hall, are foreclosed collaterals of Banks) and the Yuyuan Pavilion painting and calligraphy hall.

The cottage area district mainly to wholesale and processing of primary nephrite,etc.

Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City, rated by Xinjiang Tourism Bureau as a Grade 3A tourist cultural scenic spot, has become one of the most important attractions for tourists to Xinjiang.