Hualing Market Building Material Export Base

Hualing Market Building Material Export-import Base

Hualing Building Materials Export-import Base (New Hualing Market) is another important part of Hualing Comprehensive Market, as well as the so-called“old Hualing market”(located at No.9 East Xihong Road) .Through its construction, Hualing Group undertakes its social obligations and solves the traffic congestion in the central city, which also in line with the process of “reform” and the overall development of urban construction “Southern Control and Northward Expansion”.

Hualing Market Building Materials Export-import Base is located at the forefront of Urumqi city-Midong District, with Hetan Road in the west and Midong Avenue in the east, which occupies a total area of more than 2.2 million square meters. The market is divided by Northern Urumqi’s main road into two operating sections in the north and south. More than 11,000 shops, which occupy 100 million square meters, have been put into operation. The market is composed by a comprehensive market zone, the Logistics Park, the Livestock Husbandry zone, Hualing international home plaza and the Second Class National Port.

(1)  brief information

Up to now, the number of shops which have been put into operation is 11432,covering an area of more than 1 million square meters. With the main roads in the north of the city as the boundary, it is divided into two major markets, north and south, with a total of 30 professional market areas. With more than 10,000 dealers and self-employed merchants, the market has become a large-scale comprehensive building materials wholesale market with architectural decoration materials as the mainstay. Therefore, it is well-known for its complete categories and brands of domestic and foreign building materials. The market also can be regarded as complementary to the old Hualing market.

(2)  logistic park

As the largest leading industrial zone(covering an area of 400000 square meters), which also owns the most concentrated logistics service enterprises of road transport and the most complete facilities, it covers more than 85% road transportation volume of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It is the distributing center of supplies which sends goods of Xinjiang to prefectures, cities and Regimental Farms.Up to now, more than 120 professional logistics enterprises have been operating here, and more than 370 special freight lines have been set up, carrying more than 85% of the highway cargo transportation tasks in xinjiang.The logistics park covers a number of provinces in the mainland and all prefectures, cities, counties and towns in xinjiang. It is the largest logistics distribution center in xinjiang.

(3)  the Livestock Husbandry zone

The livestock project area has modern slaughtering workshop, semi-automatic slaughtering workshop, beef and mutton wholesale market, So far, Hualing Livestock Husbandry Industry Development Co., Ltd has already became the largest company to supply more than 95% beef and mutton in Urumqi by slaughtering of more than 1.2milion sheep and 100000 cattle. Besides, the company is also the supplier of government meat reserves.

(4)  Hualing international home plaza

Committed to building the most outstanding high-end one-stop home building materials experience chain store - Hualing International Home Plaza(New Hualing) in the northwest region and even the Central and Western Asia region, officially opened in September 2017. Hualing International Home Plaza is located in the southern part of the market of Hualing Building Materials Export-import Base. It is a comprehensive commercial building,which integrates large-scale home building materials shopping center, home decoration design, soft-packing center, dining plaza, large-scale appliance flagship store, fitness center and children's playground. It meets the needs of shopping, leisure, entertainment and communication for urban life. The project integrates complex and decentralized living modules into the core life circle of the city, fully highlighting the aggregation advantages of complex large-scale properties, including space, as well as various resources, services, wealth and popularity.

(5)  Second Class National Port

It is a national second-class port directly under the Urumqi Customs, with a storage capacity of 10 million tons. It mainly undertakes the export of building materials and decorative materials for Central Asian and South Asian countries. In 2017, the number of vehicles was 537 customs-supervised vehicles with a cargo volume of 1,3378.8 tons and a value of US$52.26 million, accounting for 70% of the annual export volume of building materials and decorative materials in Urumqi.

 In the three years from 2014 to 2016, Hualing's subsidiaries and market merchants paid more than RMB 1 billion. It also provided nearly 40,000 jobs and opportunities directly or indirectly to the society, and was granted a re-employment demonstration base by the autonomous region, which greatly promoted the rapid development of the regional economy.