The Urumqi Hualing Comprehensive Wholesale Market

The Urumqi Hualing Comprehensive Wholesale Market

The Urumqi Hualing Comprehensive Wholesale Market is located in the center of the city , which covers a land of 1 million square meters. In its 30 years of history, it has been a priority choice of purchase of general merchandises, especially decoration materials, and etc. The market has over 1 million square meters commercial area, and it has become the largest comprehensive commodity market in Central Asia, with the customer flow over 80,000 people per day and the vehicle flow over 20,000 per day. About 10,000 business vendors are engaged in selling products. The market includes 3 large commercial buildings—"Hualing International Trade & Commercial Square", "Hualing Trade Center" and "Hualing Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market", as well as fur products section(Hualing Fur Products market), non-staple food section,dried fruit section,general merchandises section, local speciality section, market for flowers, birds and fish,pet supplies area.The market has become the largest comprehensive commodity market in Central and Western Asia, which have formed a commercial circle independently.

The Hualing Fur Products market was opened in 2013, covering an area of 40000 square meters,which mainly engages in sales of fur coat and clothing.

The hualing curtain fabric market was opened on August,18,2017 and it is set up inside the Hualing Fur Products market.Covering an area of 5000 square meters. About 400vendors are engaged in retail or wholesale of fabric and curtain, etc.

Hualing Comprehensive Market has equipped with service management department including industrial and commercial department, taxation, 12315 service stations, police stations, community, security guards team, fire brigade, and five state-owned and three joint-stock banks,  Bank of China post, communications and other service management departments, as well as sufficient parking spaces. And the cars and people can get access to the market in all directions. The professional business area, mature marketing platform and efficient management team will provide more room for vendors and a more convenient shopping environment for customers.

In 1999, the market was identified as the“National Key Contact Wholesale Market”by the former State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Internal Trade Bureau. In March 2006, it was first identified as the national key contact market by the Ministry of Commerce. In 2016, it was identified by the State Intellectual Property Office as the first batch of standardized intellectual property protection markets in China.With the continuous enrichment of business projects and commodities and the further standardization of management, more comprehensive, high-quality and satisfactory services will provided for customers in xinjiang and at home and abroad.