Hualing Free Industrial Park

Georgia Hualing Free Industrial Park

Georgia Hualing Free Industrial Park, located in Georgia's second largest city - Kutaisi City, close to the Black Sea famous Port of Batumi, Port of Poti, covers an area of 66.67square meters and a total investment of 150 million US dollars.

The tax-free industrial zone can be classified into one new customs office building,six customs supervision buildings, 30 industrial processing buildings according to different functions, 37buildings in total, covering an area of 14470000 square meters. The business scope of the zone includes wood processing, furniture manufacturing, stone processing,steel, ferroalloy manufacturing, plastic production, building materials trade, logistics and so on.And there are relative supporting services provided for the duty free industrial zone,including newly renovated office buildings, staff dormitories and residential apartments, commodity exhibition centers, hotels, commercial centers, 33buildings in total,covering an area of 38950000 square meters.

On March 10, 2015, the Prime Minister of Georgia,Irakli Garibashvili, officially signed theRegulations on the Establishment of the Kutaisi Hualing Free Industrial Park(Georgian Government Resolution No. 109), identifying Hualing Free Industrial Park as the "Free Industrial Zone". It was officially opened on October 16, 2015.

Complied with "Free Industry Zone Act" of Georgia, Hualing Group invested in the Hualing Free Industry Zone, investors of the zone enjoy tax-free incentives of Georgia tariff, value added tax and property tax.Products of the zone enjoy advantage of zero-tariffs if imported to European countries and if sold to Georgia,only charge only charge 4% of the customs service fee. Therefore enterprises can reasonably avoid the trade barriers lifted by European countries and reduce the operating costs.

The Kutaisi Hualing Free Industrial Park has become the base for the “going out” development of small and medium-sized processing enterprises in China. Relying on Georgia's abundant natural resources such as forests and mining, the advantages of low production cost and low labor force, broad market demand and certain processing capacity have attracted the investment of domestic processing enterprises.

The park can not only introduce various light industry, building materials, minerals, household electrical appliances, electronics, department store and other industrial products into Georgia, Central Asia, EU market, but also can establish main businesses, including stone processing, building materials processing, wood processing in the industrial park. Industrial processing area.

Hualing Free Industrial Park has the geographical advantage of free trade to European and American countries, and is a crude processing base of entrepot trade.

In the future, it will be an international and comprehensive export base for deep processing products of building materials based on forestry, mining and profile processing.