Enterprise Introduction

Hualing Catttle Industry Group

With nearly 20 years of development, Hualing Group's agricultural and animal husbandry industry has been responsible for supplying meat to more than 4 million people in Urumqi. Group has the largest modernized meatslaughterhouse in Xinjiang, accounting for more than 80% of the supply in Urumqi. In October 2020, Hualing Group was awarded "National Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise".

Based on the new development stage, Hualing Group actively implements the new innovative development concept. Fully relying on the advantageous resources of Xinjiang agricultural and animal husbandry province, Hualing Group has built a Beef Cattle Industry Complex and developed supporting industries, such as planting, breeding and circular ecological economy .

At present, group has started the construction of 10 complexes through its different subsidiaries in different parts of Xinjiang. The complex integrates circular agriculture, creative agriculture and agricultural experience to create a new agriculture development model with a beautiful and pleasant environment, historic culture, abundant tourism resources and integrated development of multiple industries.

Hualing Cattle Industry complex project incorporates several parks and is offering following services: forestry development, forage planting, cattle breeding, slaughter and processing, product sales, smart agriculture, technological services and supply chain financial services. The business model implies coordinated development of economic and ecological benefits and adopts the model of leading enterprises, science and technology Demonstration parks, cooperatives and farmers.